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Are you Exporting your North American Equipment to Europe?

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Moveo is specialized in providing professional, cost effective European startup personnel, to assist your commissioning team in Europe.

In addition to commissioning our own equipment, Moveo has become a preferred commissioning partner for a number of European and Domestic OEMs.


Our Automation resource is embedded in your startup team, and can remain on site to babysit the commissioned machine long after your crew returned to the office.


ADVANTAGES of using Moveo’s assistance in Europe:



Service Group

(Stationed in Europe)


Call Center

(in a European Timezone)


Service Response Time

(Avg. Travel time to Service Client)


Spare Parts

(Warehoused in Europe)



(Service & Commissioning)


Cost Effective Servicing

(Scheduled Maintenance)


Sales Effort

(Help to Penetrate EU Market)


Average Size

North American OEM






2 days









Average Size

North American OEM utilizing

Moveo Services in Europe






4 hours











Moveo will often provide support engineers during the start up phase of purchased equipment so the customer will have an experienced company nearby for future support. During the commissioning process, Moveo staff works under a clearly defined set of processes that were developed to assure a safe and effective start up.

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Our automation team has developed and expertise in the following industries:.

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Oil & Gas

food and beverage 2
Food and Beverage

cosummers goods 2
Consumers Goods

pharma 2

logistics 2


Programming Services

Moveo Automation

Moveo programmers can provide services ranging from small PLC program modifications to full line control and integration.

Moveo senior level programmers can provide your company with a concise process control, material handling or data collection solution.

Our PLC well documented PLC programs follow the IEC 61131 which makes them easy to troubleshoot by plant your maintenance personnel.



Hardware and Software

Our engineers are knowledgeable in a variety of Automation brands, namely:

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Control Panel Fabrication

Moveo has developed a strong panel fabrication team that can produce high quality panels at competitive prices.

Our panels are completely tested for continuity and functionality and can be delivered with EC certification. Any issues that might arise can quickly remedied by engineering team and resulting in a well-engineered, fully tested, professionally labeled control panel.

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control panel 1

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Require more information?

Moveo – Europe

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    +385 (91) 600-2044
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    Moveo Globale d.o.o.
    Kaptol Centar – Office Tower
    Nova Ves 11, 2.kat (2nd Floor)
    Zagreb, Croatia, 10000

    VAT/OIB: HR33003081130


    Ulica Franje Tudjmana 20,
    Lovrec (Dalmatia), Croatia, 21257

Moveo – North America

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    USA: +1 (514) 418 8078
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    Canada: +1 (514) 418 8078
    1038 Wakley Road
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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