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PIA Automation acquires Moveo Croatia

We are proud to announce that Moveo Globale d.o.o. of Zagreb, Croatia has been acquired by PIA Automation Austria GmbH in Grambach, near Graz in Austria.
The PIA Automation Group of Germany is the parent company of both PIA Automation Austria GmbH and Moveo, and is a global automation group that employs over 1,100 employees worldwide with annual sales of over 220 million EUR.
PIA Automation Austria, is a leading automation company in the automotive, electronics and consumer goods industries, as well as for medical technology.
“This acquisition now positions Moveo as a regional leader and one of the largest Robotics & Automation companies in South East Europe” said Gordan Samija, Managing Director of Moveo.
Mr. Samija also stated that within the next 18 months, Moveo plans to triple the company’s employee count, and Moveo engineers will have the opportunity to work on the latest cutting edge Automation and Robotics technologies.

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Moveo Opens Office in Dalmatia

In continuing with its expansion, Moveo has opened an office in Lovrec, Dalmatia. The new office will work specifically on engineering, automation and robotics projects for our client base, as well as collaborate on projects with the company’s Zagreb Headquarters.

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Moveo Oil & Gas Automation

For over 10 years, Moveo has been a leading designer and integrator of complete industrial automation solutions.
Our company has assembled a qualified team of experienced engineers and electrical installation technicians to serve the Oil & Gas Automation industry.
Moveo’s engineers have been awarded new and exciting Oil & Gas Automation opportunities from the part of our clients, and it is therefore our commitment to continue delivering excellent automation services worldwide.
Feel free to contact us for further information.

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Electrical Design using Eplan P8

Alongside Moveo’s automation programming resource’s, the company also possesses a skillset in designing electrical panels utilizing the Eplan P8 software.

Therefore, if your company is experiencing a peak workload, we can supply you with a short term Eplan P8 resources to aid you in your electrical design tasks.

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Reserve a Moveo PLC Programmer in a Minute!

Due to an increase in demand for Moveo PLC/HMI programmers and our startup personnel, Moveo has decided to launch a new resource reservation webpage.
Without having to log in, the new “Need a PLC Programmer for Startup?” webpage facilitates our clients task of choosing, and reserving the proper Moveo resource(s).
Therefore, we urge all our existing and new clients to use this new webpage, it’s a quick and easy way of receiving information for all your inquiries.

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Moveo Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation in the Control and Automation Industry

Moveo had its beginnings as Magna Industrial Controls in Montreal, Canada.
In 2007, Magna Industrial Controls moved its operations to Zagreb, Croatia and continued its automation activities under the name Moveo Globale d.o.o.
Since then, Moveo has grown into a company which provides programming services to industrial leaders worldwide, as well as machinery to the folding and corrugated carton industries.
“It’s been a great 10 years, and we couldn’t be more proud to have so much to celebrate,” said the Director of the company. “We are very grateful to our clients who made our success possible, and we remain dedicated to automating their success for many years to come”.